The New You

It’s that feeling that seems to randomly crop up and makes you think “dammit, why did I do that”. Sometimes you dismiss it, other times it lingers, echoing on for years and years. As you read this chances are that a memory has already began to surface. Expand on that memory as you read the rest of the post. 

Guilt’s neighbors are fear and shame. Either you are afraid you will be judged for an action, or you feel shame because you were caught and punished. In both cases you feel the pressure of society and what everyone thinks you should do and say. The parts of your brain mainly affected by this emotion are the frontolimbic network and the anterior temporal lobe and they were firing up when that memory was surfacing earlier. Why is that important? Because it is this same connection that directly deals with your will power and your mental energy levels through out your daily cycle. In order to improve your will power, you will first have to deal with your feeling of guilt.

Some self help systems would have you apologizing to everyone you ever wronged but to what end? This form of forgiveness begging is just a way to let yourself off the hook and when that happens there is a really good chance of repeating the harmful action. Remember the shift can only happen when you are in a position of choice. Blaming someone or something (calling something a disease which isn’t) else takes away from your position and weakens your ability to deal with new problems in the future. Every shift you have in the future will be weaker for it.

What do you think the best method is? What if one method does not work for everyone? What if there is no right way to deal with your emotions other than the way that works best for you? Seek to understand yourself and be honest when something is not working because there might just be a better way. With that said do not let one instance dictate your whole life. Imagine that memory as a boat and let it float down the river, away and out of sight.

As always,

Happy Shifting

Daniel Morris

CTACC Life Coach


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