The Beginning Of Balance

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Where Balance Begins

As A Life Coach I Get Requests For Many Different Types Of Agendas. “I Wan’t To Lose Weight” “I Want To Make More Money” “I want to Have More Time With My Family” Are Just a Few. These are wonderful Goals But They Are Really Just Symptoms Of A Larger Problem. The Unbalanced Life.

The First Step To Curing This Problem Begins With Proactive Planning And Really Being Honest With Yourself. First Draw A Small Circle and Write “Self” in the center. Next Draw A Larger Circle Around The Smaller One. Then List The Areas Of Your Self That You Feel Extend Naturally From Your Center And Cut the Circle Up Into These Parts.

Finally Shade In The Area Based On How Fulfilled You Feel (use a simple scale of 1-10). You Will Immediately Begin To See Your Life Balance And Where You Can Improve. This Last Step Is Important Because You Can Find Your Weakest Area And Begin To Strengthen It. Imagine A Circular Chain Made up Of Links. Some Links Are Stronger and Some Are Weaker and In Order To Keep The Chain From Breaking It Is Vitally Important To Spend Time Strengthening The Weakest Link First.

Happy Shifting,

-Daniel Morris

CTACC Life Coach

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