The Art Of The Shift

how to shift your viewpoint
Everyone wants to know how to get ahead, how to get a leg up on their competition, or how to increase their income/sales.  The answer to all these agendas is very simple. 

Imagine you own a small general goods store. One day a customer walks in and asks for say, a certain pocket knife, they are ready to hand over their hard earned cash for it. You don’t have it. So you have to inform your customer of the bad news. They walk out of your store mildly annoyed but hey it’s not your fault its not like you advertised having that particular item. Then the next day someone else walks in and asks for the same knife. Again you have to inform them of the bad news and that sale walks away. At this point you have a choice. Either continue thinking it was just a coincidence or go and order a few of those knives and start making some more sales.

The shift here is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Really Ask, listen, and find out what they want. The more you talk to someone and learn about them the easier it will be to make them want to buy your product/service or give you a promotion/raise and the easier it will be for you to help them at the same time.

The first step to opening your mind to the possibilities is by understanding that if you had that person’s parents and went through their life experiences, then you would be that person. I hear a lot of people say “oh, I would never do that or think that way” but as soon as you say that you are closing yourself off to the shift.

So I write about making more money. Mainly because the three top selling digital published products are 1. health and weight loss 2. internet marketing and 3. personal development. I did research (asking the market what they wanted) and now I am helping you get what you want. What I want does not matter and does not even need to be mentioned here, mainly to prove my point. Helping you get what you want is how I make sales, and the more in demand the more is sold.

Apply this same philosophy to everyone and watch your goals explode. How do you get that promotion? Help your boss get what they want. How do you get more action from your spouse(or get them to take out the trash)? Help them get what they want. How do you get your kids to do their chores? You get the idea.

So when it boils down to it, people only do what they really want. To be honest you never really had an impact on their actions in the first place and it is a bit egotistical to think you did. By accepting this shift you now have the ability to look at the world through their eyes which will make it much easier for them to do the same for you.

So please let me know what you want me to write about because I like to make sure I am hitting the bulls eye. As always Happy Shifting.

-Daniel Morris

CTACC Life Coach

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2 thoughts on “The Art Of The Shift”

  1. Diving in you think, “this is just a real estate website, whats all this shift talk?” but halfway through it becomes a thought provoking way to look at all aspects of your life and how they coincide.

    I’ve had a mental shift after reading this article, now I get what shifting is.

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