Motivate and Create

I Want To Create A Better Class of Realtor. One who understands the attachment established with a home and how to process the changes before, during, and after living there.

Part of Something Bigger

Shift Guides Realty Is Part of the Overall Shift Guides Experience. This Part of the Company is Guided by Brokers and Agents Who Believe that Real Estate Is One of the best Investments You Can Make Outside of Investing In Yourself.

That is Why We Coach Individuals On How Investing In Real Estate As Part of Their Overall Life Plan, Can Increase Their Financial Standing and Help Them Grow Personally.

Our Passion For Helping Our Community Is What Inspired the Creation of Shift Guides. Originally a Digital Publishing Company (making courses on a variety of subjects such as health and weight loss, personal development, and real estate investing) Shift Guides has expanded into the Real Estate Coaching/Consulting Niche and is Now Able to Directly Help Clients With Their Investing Goals.

Who We Really Are

Every Person Here Is Dedicated To Improving You. We Begin By Asking “What Could Make Your Life Better?” Then We Put Together A Plan To Make That Happen.

Feel Free To Connect With Any of Us On a Personal Level, (links to personal networking sites are in the bios) We Know We Are Dealing with Human Beings Who Have A Personal Side Also. When You Make That Connection It Is One Of The Greatest Feelings In The World.

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Daniel Morris


Agent | Connect Realty DFW

Coach | Coach Training Alliance

Serial Entrepreneur Daniel Morris Has Been Creating New Companies For 10 Years. Shift Guides, His Dream Project, Is The Culmination Of All His Past Influences And Business Models.

If You Feel You Are Ready to Shift

There Are A Few Factors that Determine Weather Or Not You Are Ready To Shift. Choose The Answers You Feel Most Reflect Your Situation.

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